1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS (divided by 100) feat

1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS (divided by 100) feat. MacGyver

Video of 1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS (divided by 100)
Released November 21, 2008
Made by Toby Turner
Featuring Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver)

1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS is a song Toby (Tobuscus) wrote back in 2008 when he reached 10,000 subscribers. It also features Richard Dean Anderson's (MacGyver) photos and how elderly women particularily enjoy his works.


  • I just reached the landmark of 10,000 subscribers,
  • I've no doubt that soon I'll pull more tail than MacGyver.
  • Hopefully the tail I pull won't be from the same demographic.
  • Richard Dean Anderson should make a YouTube, he would get some traffic.
  • My grandma likes MacGyver,
  • Your grandma likes MacGyver,
  • His grandma likes MacGyver,
  • Her grandma likes MacGyver.
  • Wow this song just took a wicked turn onto a tangent...
  • (pause)
  • My great-grandma likes MacGyver,
  • Your great-grandma likes MacGyver,
  • His great-grandma likes MacGyver,
  • Her great-grandma liked MacGyver.


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