Aether Song
Thumbnail of Aether
Released July 27, 2012
Made by Toby Turner
Game Minecraft

The Aether Song is a song sung by tobuscus on his minecraft let's play series, in the episode entitled "Minecraft - AETHER ." It is to the tune of the custom music from the Minecraft Aether mod (aether3), composed on the spot while Toby was collecting his lost items from a fatal fall. These are the Lyrics:


  • I just fell to my death

  • From the aether

  • I fell to my death

  • I went to Aether

  • To meet Heather

  • But Heather made me Fall to my death

  • Maybe I should reconsider

  • Dating her

  • Not that it’s on the table

  • I’m just saying, who can resist me?

  • Only heather can… can.

  • My voice is gone

  • Let my life go on

  • With my girlfriend

  • Where’s my armor-chest?

  • I need to find everything I just lost

  • I went to the top

  • There was no boss, but still I died

  • My stuff was hiding atop the portal box

  • You suck stuff

  • For hiding

  • You suck stuff

  • For hiding

  • Ding ding ding

  • Where my shoes at?

  • Where my nike shoes at?

  • Found ‘em

  • Gonna put my nike shoes on

  • Where’s the rest of my clothes?

  • Who knows?

  • Who knows the rest of my clothes…

  • I’m too stressed to sing.

  • To stressed.

  • Cut the music!


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