Gabe Hohreiter
Gender: Male
Portrays: Himself in Tobuscus Adventures and Real Life
Years: October 30, 2006 - Present
"It's Gabe-uscus there's a pause! "
—Gabe correcting Toby.

Gabe, also known as Gabuscus, is Toby's friend that often helps out with filming and has an animated counterpart in an animation series based on Toby's adventures. He has his own Youtube account Gabuscus's Channel which he created on the 30th of October, 2006, between then, and now, he has uploaded twenty two videos.

Appearances Edit

Gabe is the deuteragonist of the Tobuscus Animated Adventures and the only sane character.

Episode 1 - "Tobuscus Adventures Episode 1: Dead Island" Edit

Gabe reluctantly goes with Toby to De Island only to find out that they arrived on Dead Island; a place inhabited by Zombies. After Toby is bitten by a female Zombie, Gabe is able to save Toby from death by kicking the Zombie's head clean off, but is attacked and killed by a zombified Toby.

Episode 2 - "Tobuscus Adventures Episode 2: ChristmasEdit

Gabe is seen sitting next to Toby while he writes his Christmas list asking for the gun from Portal, ending it with "Amen" much to his annoyance. Tobuscus then calls him in the middle of the night due to him not being able to sleep, He questions how old Toby is before falling to sleep. The episode continues with Toby retreiving Santa's Portal gun before then sending Santa to China. Toby then does the "Portal on roof-to-floor trick" before jumping in. Gabe walks in the door during this while saying "Merry Christm- What in the F#&*"

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Trivia Edit

New and old Gab

Here is Gabuscus from the Animated Series (Left Old (Tobuscus Adventures 1) - Right New (Tobuscus Adventures 5))

  • Gabe's appearance has changed drastically starting from the fifth episode. He's much more muscular, even comparable to The Tank from the Left 4 Dead game series.