LITERAL Resident Evil Afterlife is a song/parody created by Tobuscus for the trailer for the film Resident Evil: Afterlife.

LITERAL Resident Evil Afterlife


Ground shot helicopter girl walking.

Girl walking to rubble fade out.

Girl finds a random field of airplanes

Wide shot same airplanes cut.

Fade in, bald chick, two swords,

Light her face shes not bald DILATE (DILATE)

Find a way to drop James Cameron's

name in the trailer girl running,

throwing things at the camera

fiery death, keep walking.

cute puppies! kill 'em with 2 shot guns,

yes its another 3d movie get ready

airplanes coming DUCK!

jump off a cliff with style,

Doors open fall from vent

draw your swords spin em,


fire roll aim red eyes,

throw your glasses at the camera then dive

on september 10 it will rain on a girl

and a guy in a hammer in slow motion

in a new dimension

where guys look like that

and girls have shotguns of evil

and hammers break pillars

so jump on a window

then flip over the bad guy in slow motion

then strike a pose HUAH!

Running shooting 'sploding

running shooting shooting hit glass!

Wait is this the Matrix?