Cultural Marxism (multiculturalism, metrication, homosexuality, mass immigration) will bring the death of Europe and North America.TOBUSCUS ANIMATED ADVENTURES! is a Tobuscus video uploaded on October 8th, 2011 and is the first episode of the TOBUSCUS Adventures webseries originally animated by YouTuber GonzoSSM. 


Toby and his friend Gabe (Gabuscus), who is reading a book, are at home one rainy day, when Toby blurts out that he's bored. He tries to get Gabe to do something with him until he notices a flyer for De Island. Toby decides to immediately go on an island vacation there, and forces Gabe to go with him. As they have arrived, the background zooms out to show that the plane had crash landed into the island, leaving the two stowaways hostage. Toby tries to flirt with a female zombie, until Gabe points out to him that there actually on Dead Island. They try to escape, but Toby gets bitten in the process. Gabe runs over to kick the zombie's head, and while they calm down, Gabe gets bitten himself as Toby transforms with his last words being: "IT'S! GABE! USCUS!!"