Tobuscus Adventures Episode 2: Christmas is the second episode of Tobuscus Adventures


The Buscus's House during Christmas EveEdit

Tobuscus: Dear Santa, I have been a very good buscus this year.
Gabuscus: Do you have to read it out loud, while your writing?
Tobuscus: Yes it helps me focus.
Gabuscus: You realized that you wrote that down, didn't you?
Tobuscus: Ohh. Sorry Santa that was to Gabuscus
Gabuscus: [pronouncing Gay-buscus and he facepalms]
Tobuscus: I've been very good this year and all I want is the gun from PORTAL.
Gabuscus: Again.
Tobuscus: Amen, Toby
Gabuscus: Don't put amen on that. Amen is for Jesus.
Tobuscus: Good, now they both know what to get me.
Gabuscus: [groans]
Tobuscus: =D and done, Gabuscus, Could you, Put this in this Mailbox for me, Real quick?
Gabuscus: Sure, [crumbling the tobuscus's christmas mail for santa and fake smile]

It's Christmas Eve, and Toby's still awakeEdit

Tobuscus: [groans] I'm bo- [notices Gabuscus isn't there then calls his cellphone]
Gabuscus: [waking up] What?
Tobuscus: I'm bored.
Gabuscus: Dude, go to sleep, it's Christmas.
Tobuscus: What time does Santa come?
Gabuscus: How old are you again?
Tobuscus: Let's do something.
Gabuscus: Go to bed. [Gabuscus goes to sleep and snoring]
Tobuscus: But but but but but but, [groans].

At the time when Santa comesEdit

Santa       : Ho [shot the portal], Ho [shot the portal], Ho
Tobuscus: Sleep, you can do this, just like we practiced, every single night [pretends to snore] that doesn't help. Come on, just pretend you're in class. Ugh, I'm learning, aaaahhhh.
Santa       : Oh! [go down to the toilet]
Tobuscus: [gasp, going to the buscus's living room] Ohh, I got it! (laughs excitedly) I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! OHH YEAHHHH!!!
Santa       : No, Toby! That's mine! It replaced my sleigh in 2007.
Tobuscus: Oh, got it. So is mine in one of those boxes or what?
Santa       : Why don't you find out?
Tobuscus: [ripping his gift, and see] Oh ho ho, ha ho ho yeah-  Replica? What's that mean?
Santa       : Well, it's not real.
Tobuscus: Oh! (raspberries [pfft])
Santa       : I-I only ha- Sto- stop that! I only have this one!
Tobuscus: Well that's fine I'll take that one while you can have (gasps) You can have this one! WOAH, ITS A REPLICA!
Santa       : I need the real one, -buscus. I still have to go to China.
Tobuscus: China huh? (gasps) I have an idea.


Tobuscus: [tobuscus shoot the portal to china, and shoot the portal under santa]
Santa       : Whoa! No Toby! NAUGHTY!! NNAAAAUUUGGGHHTTTYYY!!!"
Tobuscus: [tobuscus closing the portal] No need to thank me. Now where was I? [makes an infinite loop, jumps in and screams as he's falling through] AAA- AAA- AHH- HHH!! WHH- EEE- EWW- WWW!!"]
Gabuscus: Merry Christm- What in the f***?