Gabuscus doing a Toby impersonation

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Scene 1/3 Toby's House

Tobuscus groans and Gabuscus tells him that he's board. Tobuscus wants Gabuscus to call his mom becuase it's his birthday but refuses. Gabuscus suggets that he should call his mom but Tobuscus explains that he doesn't have a service plan and is forced to sign the contract. And promises he would never sign a term contract agan but then tells him that the company Rogers is in Canada and never signs contracts. Tobuscus asks Steven for tickets. 

Scene 2/3 On The Plane 

Tobuscus sees that Gabuscus is not happy and decides for a peanut but refusus three times. On the other bags Gabuscus throws a bag at Tobuscus.

Scene 3/3 At Canda and Toby Gets The Term Contract

Tobuscus asks for Gabuscus phone to set up his new service. He calls Rogers and then makes a deal for it. Tobuscus calls his mom and says, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM." But explains that it's not her birthday. Tobuscus asks, "Uh, when is your birthday again, exactly?" "In four months." Tobuscus asks Mombuscus what is she doing. She says, "Playing Farmville." 


Tobuscus screams and throws the phone on the ground. Gabuscus: "It's not her birthday. And were in Canada." Tobuscus: "Nope. Yeah." and they laugh but then Gabuscus chokes Tobuscus. 

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