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Some of you may have already heard about the rape allegations against Tobusus from his ex-girlfriend, April Fletcher. I only heard about this two days ago and I'm trying to learn as much about this event as I can. Currently, I have only managed to watch a video about this by another one of Toby's ex-gf, Jaclynn Glenn.

My current position is that I don't know. As WikiBuscus, I think the wiki will naturally shift the opinion to Toby's side. I want the wiki to state facts and not opinions. If it's proven that Fletcher lied, this wiki will call her out as a lier but if it's proven if Toby actually did rape her, this wiki accept that fact.

This is a sad time for all Tobuscus fans and let's all hope that the allegations are false. ~MilezTailzPrower (Head Admin of WikiBuscus)


Welcome to WikiBuscus!

Welcome to the WikiBuscus! A wiki created by fans for fans. You have just officially stepped foot onto the wiki for all things Tobuscus. You can read the lyrics to your favorite Literal Trailer, scripts from Tobuscus Adventures or even just help the wiki grow. Now my fellow 'Buscuses, go find out about your favourite YouTuber. Peace Out... BOOP!

Terms of Use

There will be a few rules for everyone to follow:

1. No Vandalism or Spamming of any kind, it will not be appreciated.

2. Please refrain from bullying others about Blog Posts, Pages they've made etc.

3. NO self advertising of other wikis or making pages based on things completely unrelated to our fellow YouTuber comedian.

4. If you do not follow rules. You will be warned the first time, then banned from wiki for a week, and every offence after that will have the penalty doubled.

Lastly, Flames (Hate Comments) will be peed on by Gryphon.

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