What it is Edit

Tobuscus' 1st ever video, uploaded on the 23rd of June 2006, inspired by the film "Click"! Toby did this with a ginger dude who is apparently called "Billy" (as we find in a later video). It shows, as promised in the title, what Toby would do with the Clickmote!

Plot Edit

Toby and Billy are playing poker in a badly lit room, they each have a drink, and then Toby starts bragging about how good his drink is and what a fantastic hand he has.

Billy calls "All In". Toby then pauses time with the Clickmote, and checks Billy's hand (and then does something very naughty, watch the vid to find out), and sits down (calls Billy something insulting)!

Rewinds time and unpauses at the moment of Billy calling All In, and Toby CALLS! Something in poker is apparently a really bad hand called a "7-high", Toby has that...

Billy tells Toby to shut up, and then tells him "this is the face of someone who doesn't fuck around"! Then Toby disses him on the grounds of having a really Duke Nukem -Esque voice yet his physicality is not Duke Nukem -Esque! They then start accusing each other of being extremely ugly.

Then Billy shouts "Who calls with a 7-high?!" in an attempt to vent his anger, then Toby really just makes his anger worse by bragging about the number of BALLS he has. Toby says he will NOT tell Billy how "I knew you didn't have shit"! Then Toby grabs the wads of USD (totalling 40k, we learn) and goes away, but not before assuring Billy that the remote was NOT used to cheat and that he just carries it 24/7 because his grandma gave it to him.

Trivia Edit

-23rd of June 2006 was actually the US release date of the film "Click", to see it and then make a vid of it in the same day means that Toby may have been one of the 1st few thousand people to see it!