WorldBuscus is the first world that Toby had started on his Minecraft series.


It was created by Toby Turner one his first Minecraft video.


Tobuscus: Toby made this world on his first playthrough and continued to make a house.

Berald: (Appears in episode: ENDERMAN ROOMMATE) Berald was an enderman that appeared in Toby's house one day after crafting "pants" and "shoes". He tried to ward off the Enderman before naming it "Berald". Once he accidently stared at it, Berald started to attack him before getting stuck in the mine staircase, jumping up and down constantly. Toby closed his bedroom door while this occured and went to sleep. waking up to find Berald still jumping, he then walked outside before seeing Berald disappear and hearing him groan (from damage). He went to the other side of the house to find Berlad had teleported outside of the house into the moat that surrounds the house. Due to Endermen being damaged by water, Berald had died. Tobuscus exclaimed that "He tried to take a bath" and "He's allergic to water" before saying that "His Mom's gonna call." 

Corrupted Edit

Around the time when Toby updated to Minecraft 1.0, Worldbuscus was partly corrupted and crashed constantly. It crashed 13 times on camera, causing him to absolutely lose it. Over time, the world became more corrupted, and eventually, Worldbuscus became unplayable due to the constant crashing.


On 23 April 2012, Toby reinstalled Worldbuscus to playable functionality, using an accurate replica map created by aTroubledArtist, allowing him to continue his Let's Play on Worldbuscus without crashing.